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The Wheel.




Round and round we go. With each turn of the wheel lessons, blessings and karma are delivered right to our doorstep. Whether we take them up is another question. Each time the wheel turns we’re faced with a choice, to continue to repeat our past or to step into the next cycle with all we’ve learned and gained. The Wheel reminds us that life is full of ups and downs. Whether you’re in the depths, ready for that high or riding at the tippy top about to make a descent, it’s important to remember everything is temporary.  Our journey through life is shaped by what we are putting out. Each cycle through The Wheel is an opportunity to grow and evolve. And until we level up, we will continue repeating old lessons until we’ve got it in the bag. 


The Wheel is also referred to as “the turning point”. It shows up when you’re on the precipice of the wheel spinning again. It’s up to us to decided whether that’s a new cycle, or an old lesson we need to learn again. 


The Wheel has been banging on my door for quite some time now. I began my Saturn’s return just a few short months ago and Daddy Saturn ain’t playing around. For those of you who don’t know, we as earth-bound human people have approximately two Saturn’s Returns in our lifetimes. It’s an astrological concept and is regarded as one of the most significant transits we face.


Saturn represents maturity, responsibility and discipline and takes about 30 years mosey all the way around the sun. Our Saturn’s return is when Saturn returns to the sign it was in when we were born. It’s all about growing up and getting serious. Ain’t no coinky dink that it’s around 30 years old when most of us go “Okay, okay, okay. What the fuck am I doing? I need to get my shit together.”. Just like The Wheel, Saturn comes in and goes “Bitch, have you learned or am I gonna have to teach you?” Saturn comes in and gets rid of everything that is holding us back from our potential. 


I started my Saturn’s return at the start of 2021 and Saturn just was not playing games with me. It got straight down to business and started throwing fistfuls of shit my way to see if I was ready to begin the next phase of life. 


I was faced with new iterations of old patterns and cycles from my past and I was being asked “What have you learned? Have you evolved?” I found myself in a situation that had in the past caused me to devalue myself and both hurt myself and those around me. However, this time round I was equipped with all the wisdom I’d gained from the last time and surrounded by a tribe of loving and supportive people who helped me navigate the same treacherous waters but with much more ease. 


This isn’t to say that my first taste of my Saturn’s return was a walk in the park. Tbh, it was a complete shit show. It was uncomfortable and down right painful at times. But it was necessary. It showed me how far I had come and all the beauty I had around me. It was a turning point.


My Saturn’s return has only just begun. I’ve got about 15 more months to go. That was the pilot episode setting the scene, making sure I was ready to do what needs to be done in order to evolve into the ground-shaking, bad-ass, visionary leader bitch I know I am inside. 


This is what The Wheel is all about. It’s about levelling up and gaining momentum to enter the next cycle of life. It comes in and says “We’re ready if you are”. Let go of the hand rail and boldly step into the next cycle. It’s there you will find your treasure or at the very least the map. The Wheel reminds us that while we may have no control over the things that happen around us, we have complete control over ourselves and our own actions. 


Ask yourself, what have I learnt? What do I need to do in order to step into the next cycle? What is holding me back from levelling up?


Til next time, Soul Fam,

Em. xx

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