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When the Chariot rolls up into town its time to hit the ground running. The Chariot is here to remind us we cannot be passive observers in life. That in order to live that sparkling, bustingly abundant life of our damn dreams, we need to grab the reigns and boldly move forward with focused intention. Willpower, strength and determination are the tools the chariot brings into our arsenal. The chariot is in it for the long haul, this is a cross country voyage but nothing is going to stop them. The chariot moves into our life with a grounded but persistent energy that asks us to put our head down and get to work. Trust the road ahead and put one foot in front of the other, but know you will never get there if you don’t keep moving forward. 


That Chariot teaches us one of those seemingly obvious lessons which most of us don’t fully grasp until much later in life. I’ll be 30 in a few short months and it’s only very recently I’ve understood what it means to go out there and live life to the maximum. As great as it would be, things rarely ever just get handed to you. I mean, unless you live amongst vast privilege as a trust fund baby and your ‘rents have got your big fancy Lawyer job all lined up at your uncle’s firm, then in that case yeah, totally handed to you. But most of us are out here duking it out amongst our fellow rabble. 


I’ve had quite a few opportunities in my life that have been pretty damn cool. And you know how I wrangled them? I straight up asked. I thought about what I wanted, thought about who could help me get there, and harnessing the strength, determination and will of the Chariot I moved forward with ambition and no apologies. 


I’ve been in amazing art shows, I’ve interned at the Sydney Opera House, I’ve been in Buzzfeed videos, I’ve met a lot of people who have helped me both personally and professionally. What’s the common factor here? Asking. Putting my hand up and letting the world know that I am a strong contender. Whether that was e-mailing someone and letting them know I was keen or asking someone out to coffee to get to know them a bit better, it’s how to make stuff happen for yourself. You have to put your foot on that accelerator and move forward with intention.


It’s a scary thing, right? Putting yourself out there, letting it all hang out and going to people and asking them if you can have the opportunity they’re offering. I know we all desperately want the opportunities and cool shit we crave so deeply to one day just show up on our door, but life would be pretty fucking boring if that were the case. It’s when we move out of that comfort and into the wild unknown that shit really starts to happen, that we begin to get traction on life. 


So take some time this week and figure out the direction you want to head. Where are you going and who and what can help you get there? You have everything you need to get moving, all you have to do is start. Get the wheels of The Chariot turning and know that you’re destined for greatness, all you gotta do is get moving. 


There’s exciting stuff ahead of you, be brave enough to move toward it.


Until next time, Soul Fam

Em xx

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