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The Hierophant is the solid base where we begin our learning. They are the conduit between knowledge and the student. Not just any learning but the learning that shapes us and helps us define our paths. The learning that touches our souls. They are the keeper of sacred traditions and knowledge. When they arrive they guide us to honor and understand what has come before and to use it as sturdy foundations for our futures. The Hierophant can often represent a person, someone who shows up as a mentor or teacher. However, the Hierophant can also show up as a place where we can do learning, whether this be a class, school or group. 


I’ve dabbled with Tarot for quite a few years now. It’s been floating in and out of my life since I was a teenager. I probably would’ve done the swan dive into it earlier if it hadn’t been for a 3-year stint at a Multi-level-marketing style Hillsong-adjacent cult that rejected anything spiritual other than itself during high school. But hey, that’s a story for another time. 


Tarot has always been a really important tool I’ve used to help guide me through life. It’s something I turn to when I feel lost or in need of advice. Despite always feeling called to use this knowledge to help others I’ve never felt the foundation I’ve built my practice on to be solid enough. Until a few weeks ago. Enter The Hierophant stage right. 


Last week I completed my first debut into the world of formal Tarot Education. A cheeky lil 6 week course with a witty and bubbly Queen of Swords Tarot queen who goes by Alexis Tarot. She’s been slinging cards and guiding paths for 30 years so I knew I was in safe hands. In this scenario she is the keeper of sacred knowledge, The Hierophant. 


I knew that in order to really make progress and get to where I want to be, I needed the guidance of someone who knows what the hell is UP. And boy DOES she. I had done (and continue to do) a lot of solo research and study into Tarot. But it’s hard to tutor yourself when you’re a noob. There’s no one to lead the way, there’s no one to provide insights that can only be gained from years of experience. So that’s why the teaching of Alexis is so valuable. 


Because we live in a COVID world now where the way things were done just aren’t really done that way anymore, my classmates and I met weekly on Zoom.The night of our very first class fell on a Cancer new moon, so fitting, and Alexis guided us to set our intentions for what we wanted to manifest by the end of the course. I don’t really mess around anymore so I boldly stated I wanted to manifest “unwavering belief in myself and my intuition”. 


With each passing lesson Alexis helped us navigate many different exercises that helped evolve my perspective on Tarot. She shared the history of the Tarot and those who made it. She helped us to imagine being in the world of the cards and asked what it felt like to be there. She asked us to weave stories through the cards. Time and time again, often without us even realising she prodded and poked and nurtured our intuition so we could more easily access it, so it became more familiar and accessible to us. 


And this is the value of a mentor, teacher and guide. Not only do they have the knowledge but also an understanding of how to masterfully impart that to the student. They’ve been where we are and have insight into where we’re going, so can gift us the tools for the path ahead.


I am so grateful to Alexis. She has provided me with a steadfast and solid foundation that has imbued me to continue my growth and learning. It will allow me to finally provide the help and guidance to others like I’ve felt called to. I am connected to my intuition more deeply than I was six weeks ago and feel more energetically connected to Tarot. 


If you’ve ever felt the Tarot pull or just wanna learn the cards much more intimately I’d definitely give Alexis class a go. You can find these deets right here.

Also I’d for suresies check out her Youtube. She’s compiled playlists for every one of the 78-cards of the Tarot. These playlists consist of songs and clips and encapsulate the energy of the cards. Both songs selected by her and many of the students she’s had over the years. 

Give them a looksy here


The Hierophant reminds us that while we are all inherently creative and innovative beings, we first need to know what has preceded us. We need to acknowledge and absorb the things that came before in order to transform it into something new. We have to learn the rules before we can break ‘em. 


Have a think this week about what it is you feel called to do. Maybe you’re already doing it or maybe you’ve yet to take the leap. Either way, look around you for mentors or places that will help you grow. See if there are any paths you can walk with someone who can help you strengthen your foundations. 


Until next time, Soul Fam.


Em xx

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