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The Hermit.




The Hermit comes to us when it’s time to excuse ourselves. Time to stop, take stock and evaluate. The Hermit turns inwards and looks at all they are and all they could be. They take time to travel alone, take a voyage of the soul and go where no one else but themselves can. When we are quiet, when we are still, everything settles and we can begin to see ourselves clearly. We can see our paths clearly. Most importantly, we can see our own light clearly. 


2020. What a YEAR. For me, this is the prime example of what The Hermit energy is all about. Withdrawing and isolating yourself from your day to day life. And whether we liked it or not, that is exactly what happened. 


Before I begin I’d first like to acknowledge those who passed due to COVID-19, my thoughts are with their families. I would also like to acknowledge my own privilege in the face of this crisis which allowed me to continue to work from the safety of my own home with the person I love. I acknowledge this was not a universal experience but I do hope some of what I explore below resonates on some level. I believe 2020 held incredible opportunities for personal and spiritual growth both on the individual and collective level. I believe what we experienced together as a species will shape our future and align our paths to higher frequencies.


For most of us, we spent a great deal of time within the confines of our home for a decent portion of the year. We were forced to stay home where possible. This meant our “regular” lives coming to a complete halt. Stillness began to sink into every aspect of our lives as we pulled together and did what we could to get this virus taken care of. 


It finally gave us all a chance to slow down and catch our damn breath. To stop and look around and assess what we were doing. With so many of our normal activities and time fillers taken away from us we were given the opportunity to use our time on our own terms. And look, that could’ve meant working on creative projects or getting your absolute life binging Netflix. 


As we were still, the dust began to settle. Clarity creeped in as we the flurry of our lives quietened to a whisper. 


As cliche as it sounds, I believe during this time a lot of us began to find ourselves. See ourselves for the first time in a long time, or maybe ever. Without the pressures of the outside world weighing heavily on us, we were able to experience ourselves again. Whether that was finding parts you loved, or finding parts you’d long tried to bury and keep hidden. We discovered the joy of making (if you didn’t make your own bread during lockdown did you even truly lockdown?) We had more time to simply be and not do. In this stillness is where many of us found our values, our beliefs, our core truths. 


It seems like no surprise that in the thick of a pandemic where our civic duty required us to be still and stay home, that there was a huge influx of comprehension of the injustice the Black Lives Matter Movement was against. In Australia, more of us began understanding our own roles in the systemic racism that continues to oppress and hurt First Nations people. We turned up in droves to Black Lives Matters protests all over the country to stand united with our brothers and sisters and to tell them that we are here to fight with them now. We are waking up. We have a violent and horrific history but will do what it takes to together create a united and thriving future.


In the stillness we collectively experienced we began to see so clearly what we had previously been so dangerously and damagingly ignorant to. 


It also seems like no surprise to me that interest in spirituality and connection to worlds and realities currently beyond our full comprehension began to spread like a wildfire. The understanding that life runs much deeper than what we see right in front of us. That the nature of the universe we exist in is more complex and beautiful than anything we can ever truly comprehend.


When The Hermit shows themselves to you they ask you press pause. Take your foot off the accelerator and remember contemplation and reflection is as important as progress. In fact it is necessary for progress. It’s time to pull over and look at the map. The work the Hermit asks us to do isn’t always easy but it is always worth it. 


Til next time Soul Fam,


Em. xx

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