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Let the ritual begin.

The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m a 28 degree Pisces sun born on the last day of the Astrological year. Now, I know that means nothing to most of you but to those who are picking up what I’m laying down, it should be fully expected that I’d end up creating my own damn Tarot  deck. Art and the mysticism? Sign me UP. 


But let’s go back for a moment, to when the seed for this was planted. I can pin point it. I know the exact moment this idea began gestating. I sat across from a Tarot reader. We were both perched over a small table in a pokey room that had absorbed countless years worth of incense. She illuminated the coming months of my life with a knowing eye and gave no reason to doubt her.  Then at the end, as if the thought suddenly struck her, she instructed me to create my own tarot deck. It landed and it buried itself somewhere deep. 


Tarot has always periodically shown up in my life. Gently tugging at my gaze a little stronger each time. Whether it was lingering in new age stores, captivated by its art or having someone approaching me at work with his miniature deck of Tarot cards totally reading me. It was always something that felt so complex yet familiar. 


I whipped up my first Tarot card back in 2017, when the call toward the occult was becoming louder. When I say the occult I mean things that have spiritual qualities but aren’t inherently religious. I was also reading a book called Witch around this time so you see where this is headed. While I explored my art, I was also exploring my own spirituality. Now looking back and being more aware I see that the two almost always work in tandem. The first card I drew was The High Priestess, the queen B of spirituality and divine feminine energy. I channeled her energy into my first tarot piece. And it fell short. I knew I wasn’t ready to begin that journey yet. So I let the idea simmer again. Evolving slowly underneath the surface. 


Here’s one of the things I love about the Tarot. It’s a story. The cards have a numbered sequence and they represent all aspects of life. The Major Arcana (the first 22 cards of the deck. 78 in total for those speedily taking notes) in particular demonstrates this journey through life. Starting from number 0 The Fool all the way to 22, the World. 


Creating my own Tarot deck is my voyage through this story. It almost feels like I’m about to take on a pilgrimage of the soul. I’ve never been very good at sticking things through to the end but I know this is different. Most importantly I want to bring others on this ride with me. I want to bring you with me. I’ve experienced the transformative nature of tarot. It’s a tool that allows you to sit outside yourself and observe. It’s a tool that will help guide your path with knowledge you’ve had access to this whole time. It will shine light on parts of yourself you’ve been avoiding. It will remind you of the beautiful and fearless qualities you’d forgotten you possess. It will allow you to evolve. 


Tarot can sometimes appear so daunting. It’s hard to know where to start so I wanted to offer some guidance. So let’s do this. Buckle up and buckle in. Week by week we’ll meet a new card and we’ll look at the lessons it’s here to teach us. I don’t know exactly what lies ahead or what this is going to turn into. But I know I’m writing this for the same reason you’re reading it. And it’s gonna be good. 


Peace out, Soul Fam. 

Same time next week, yeah?

Em xx

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