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High Priestess.

I once heard the High Priestess referred to as the unshakeable stillness we all have deep inside. You know, that core, deep down, underneath all the armour and the debris our experiences? That’s her realm. She signifies the power of stillness, secrets and the unknown. That isn’t something that always makes sense to us. Especially if this sort of rhetoric isn’t something we’re very accustomed to.


Think about when you’re going to sleep. You’re almost there, you’ve just about slipped away into a snooze. This is where you’ll find her.. She’s nestled between conscious and subconscious. She understands the power of this liminal space and it’s where she does her best work. 


We live in a world where we are constantly stimulated through the senses. We explore the outside world with ease because it is a constant. Whether it’s sight, smell, sound, taste or touch we always have some external thing to keep us occupied. With so much going on around us it’s no wonder that the notion of turning inwards is often met with a resistance.


What could we possibly discover inside without the use of our eyes or ears? What does it even mean to “look inside”?


Look, I am so with you. Well, at least I was. The only thing that I used to find when I “looked inside” was whirring non-stop thoughts and voices in my head that would honestly never shut the damn hell up about how much I sucked.  I was the poster child for being an over thinker and a lot of that over-thinking involved not being good enough. 


I first began meditating on the train ride to work. I used to work in the city and had about an hour to burn on the train. After months of dedicating that time to mindlessly scrolling on my phone I decided to try and do something a little more useful and instead downloaded a meditation app ( is GREAT).  I was able to do an intro program to meditation and which involved getting to know the basics and only taking up 5-10 minutes at a time. Which, let’s be real, ain’t no THANG. If I'm willing to mindlessly scroll through my phone for an hour, what's 10 minutes of peace? 


Between us, those first few sessions were BORINGGGG and pretty frustrating. My mind would almost immediately dart itself off and get lost in thought, but with the help of the guided meditation I was gently brought back time and time again. As time went on, however, the stillness between those thoughts became longer. 


When the mind is still and free from the constant noise, that’s when we can start tapping into the inside and see what’s going on. Through meditation I’ve been able to learn to love myself, become calmer and more grounded in everyday life and also in moments of chaos, become much more in tune with my inner guidance and intuition, discover and let go of past wounds, some of which I didn’t even know I was carrying. Honestly, I could keep going but they’re just words. Meditation is something you need to regularly undertake and experience to truly understand. 


By doing this work, the gifts of The High Priestess can begin to be fully experienced. Your intuition will begin to become crystal clear, you’ll be tuned in to peace, you’ll find you trust yourself more making your way more easily through the world and a damn wagon full of other other-worldly exciting stuff. 


This is what’s gonna happen. This week you’re going to download Headspace, Insight Timer or any other beginner meditation app and GO for it. 

Every day this week, commit just 5 minutes of your day to meditate and see what happens. 


That’s it for now, Soul Fam. I hope your week is filled with stillness and peace,

Until then.


Em xx

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