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The Magician is the absolute master of manifestation and when they show up they say “Hey pal let’s make some cool shit”. Although it may seem like the Magician plucks miracles from thin air, there is a lot that’s going on below the surface. In order to ‘magic something right up’, we first need to lay the groundwork. The Magician has researched and prepared. They’ve gathered their tools, they’ve learnt their stuff and they are full to the brim with confidence in their abilities. 


One chill and cheeky Sunday morning not too long ago I had the bright idea to make banana pancakes. I excitedly got out of bed keen as a damn bean to make some delicious pancakes for my sexy lady and myself. I did a quick google, speed read a few different recipes and settled on the tastiest. We had some sad looking bananas hanging on the bench. Desperate to have any sort of purpose but barely holding on. I grabbed the sad bananas and a bunch of other tasty shit I needed for these amazing pancakes. 


I began adding a dash of this a cup of that, creating something outta something else. 


It was finally time to start cooking those bad gals. I carefully spooned my banana-potion on the searing hot pan. With a loud hiss it told me it was cooking and things were getting serious. It wasn’t until a few moments later I realised things had gone wayward.


And look, between us. The pancakes were AWFUL. Truly. They were so bad I that I actually cried. BUT. This is an allegory for manifestation. 


My banana pancakes sucked for a few reasons. Firstly, my research was scattered and light. My preparation was flimsy and for someone whose main skill set does not tick the culinary box, I definitely should’ve been a bit more thorough. As you can also see, my belief in my cooking ability sits toward the sad face end of the scale, which when it comes to creating and manifesting is kinda a kiss of death. When you tell yourself “Man the outcome of this will be awful.” guess what pal? Manifestation kicks in: So it was said and it shall be. Which is why it’s SO damn important to believe in the outcome and believe in your damn self! 


I’m not saying for certain had I told myself those were going to get the greatest damn banana pancakes in the galaxy they would’ve been. But hey, it would’ve helped. I definitely wouldn’t have cried about them. Maybe… as a Pisces I can’t say definitely that is still off the table. 


So what’s that thing you want to happen? What do you want your life to look like? Prepare for it. Research it. Gather your tools. Pull your socks up and move forward with intention and confidence, knowing that it is going to happen. 


Write down what it is you want to happen. Imagine yourself amongst it. Write down what you see, feel, hear. Write down who’s around you and what song is on. What are you wearing? What emotions are you feeling? What can you smell? The clearer you can picture it, the more power there is behind it. By both speaking and writing these things down we start laying the groundwork for it to arrive. As soon as you start believing it’s going to happen, it has already begun. 


Until next time, Soul Fam.

Keep creating. 




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