bad ass witch b*tch from venus.

Em Rose is a tarot-reading, word-smithing, artist who may or may not be from this planet but right now she lives and creates in Sydney, Australia. 

Em's creative work has deep roots in the occult, metaphysics and feminism. The world she has hand crafted commands us to empower, heal and love the hell outta ourselves 100% unapologetically.  

Tarot, Astrology and witchcraft propels both her creative work and personal life. For all of you playing at home her big three are: Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon and Aries Rising. 

Currently she is working her damn ass off, bringing to life the Ritual 44 spin on the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck. Week by week she reveals a new card accompanied by an approachable and occasionally too intimate  take on  what the card means and how we can harness its energy. 

Not only does Em create Tarot cards she is also a seasoned reader with an intuitive and empowering approach. Her Tarot reading style endeavours to leave the client feeling uplifted, hopeful, informed and ready to face whatever life has for them. To book a reading please contact her here.

Em is available for speaking opportunities, brand partnerships and workshops.

If you want some insight and guidance she also offers Tarot readings. 

You can contact her here.

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